Month: April 2016

GrokTALK! April 30, 2016

What started off as a rather free form show certainly changed quickly! Grokster Mike and I started off with a WTF (here’s the link) on the Left’s propensity to label any discussion with which they disagree with as “hate speech” – and keep moving on to silence any dissent (and then work to totally destroy …

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Ayotte supports CASA Act that could destroy your sons in college

On Thursday the Washington Time reported on the CASA Act – The Campus Accountability and Safety Act. This is legislation brought forth by extreme far left wing Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri. This legislation is based on the bogus claim that there is a “rape culture” on college campuses.

GrokTALK! LIVE- episode #142

UPDATE: We are experiencing technical problems – the start of the show may be delayed (or the show may be cancelled). With Steve off this week, no Spreaker feed but you can watch and listen to us on our UStream live stream here: Live streaming video by Ustream Pretty much a free form show but …

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Notable Quote – F.A. Hayek

It is one of the great tragedies of our time that the masses have come to believe that they have reached their high standard of material welfare as a result of having pulled down the wealthy, and to fear that the preservation or emergence of such a class would deprive them of something they would …

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Solve National Debt problem, Jeanne Shaheen, then MAYBE demand football PSIs from the NFL

Seriously – there are a TON of problems facing the nation that the Congress with which it should be concerned.  A lot of them, IMHO, are functions of what they have already done – and done badly (both from a policy decision and legislation writing standpoint).  And a lot of it is from stepping over …

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By Their Enemies Ye Shall Know Them

Cruz and Fiorina Making The Right Enemies And Proud Of It! My comment posted under the article Carly Fiorina is much more than BOGOF on this morning: Cruz and Fiorina have both shown over and over that they don’t much care for “conventional wisdom”, but prefer battle-hardened experience and the wisdom of the ages …

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