Day: March 29, 2016

Liberalism – never a PERSONAL responsibility

After all, the good Samaritan PERSONALLY attended to the victim and PERSONALLY paid the cost for the victim and PERSONALLY checked in on him.  Progressives showed us, via enacting Obamacare, that they are all too willing to trade individual involvement for outsourcing that responsibility to “the collective”.  Which, as we all know, means no one …

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We are all ‘Children’ to Their Government

When a progressive says “it’s for the children,” we picture kids. Considering how they’d like government to treat “grown-ups,” I think they are referring to everyone not just children under the age of “x.”


“Physical work without producing something is alien to my mind. By producing something I mean putting up the winter’s wood, working the garden, setting a fence. But jogging? Exercise club membership? How precious. Clean hands exercise is for people recovering from a long illness or an operation, or the elderly in an old folk’s home. …

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Like I really care?

From Liberty Unyielding: If world leaders could vote, who would they want as next U.S. president? And the post goes on to list what some “leaders” have said about OUR candidates.  Yes, emphasis on OUR.  From my perspective, I could care less what someone outside of the US considers “appropriate” for us, much less a …

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Blogline of the Day: Faced with an existential threat to Belgian society….

METAPHOR ALERT: Belgian Soldiers Deployed to Fight Terrorists Had No Bullets in Rifles. “It was just a show.” – just like our TSA – security theater.  Well, given what others are saying, the Belgian intelligence service has operated like a gaggle of Barney Fife’s, so perhaps reality should match perception.   (H/T: Instapundit)

Our State Department can’t even identify the group targeted by Muslims: Christians

Yesterday was Easter, the most holy day in the Christian calendar.  While Christmas seems to get the main billing in our secularized society, it is only the remembrance of His birth.  Easter is the observation of Jesus’s Resurrection – the entire event that defines what Christianity is – that God was made Man while still …

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