Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Speaking of Flip Flops, here’ssss Jeb Bush!

by Skip January 27, 2015

First and foremost we need to control our border.  A great nation needs to control its border.  Not just at the border, which is hugely important, but also the 40 percent of the people that have come here illegally came with a legal visa and overstayed their bounds.  We ought to be able to figure […]

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First David Corn and now…..Nancy Pelosi????

by Skip January 27, 2015

When David Corn, a far Left Progressive writing at  Mother Jones, said that Mitt Romney was (in so many words) a closet Progressive, it left me rather unenthused. After all, a Progressive wanting Mitt – this is what I as a “base” Conservatarian, wants to hear about a guy that I resignedly voted for in the […]

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Notable Quote – David Henderson

by Skip January 27, 2015

Markets teach or encourage at least three virtues: tolerance, honesty, and compassion. – David Henderson (author,  The Joy of Freedom: An Economist’s Odyssey)

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GrokTALK! with Greg Kline from RedMaryland

by Steve MacDonald January 27, 2015
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Blogger and podcaster Greg Kline joins us from Red Maryland.com to talk about former governor and Democrat presidential hopeful Martin O’Malley. We also discuss their new Republican governor, being a conservative in a blue state, the Red Maryland Radio, and their citizen journalism project. You can listen to the entire podcast here. Follow us on […]

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Hassan Cuts Nursing Home Budget While Dishing Out Cash To Planned Parenthood

by Jane Cormier January 27, 2015

The UL had an article recently on HHS taking $7 million away from nursing homes. This is $7,000,000.00 million that was approved in the 2014-2015 budget but that HHS had gone over in other areas. NH should protect life in all of its stages and regardless of the condition. People whose medical condition require nursing […]

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No offense to Crisco…

by Tom January 27, 2015

This has to be one of the best replies to the idiocy that is Michael Moore. Green Beret sniper, Bryan Sikes, takes poseur Moore to the mat with this Clash Daily write-up (also found here at Weasel Zippers). “Good afternoon there sweetheart…It seems you’ve found time between licking the jelly off your fingers and releasing your grasp of […]

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Should we repeal the Bill of Rights?

by Scott Morales January 27, 2015

San Diegans say, “Absolutely.” Mark Dice interviews San Diegans, saying Obama wants to repeal the Bill of Rights and asks what do you think about it? You for it?  Alas, most said, “Stimmt!” Obama Supporter: “Whatever he [Obama] wants to do, is probably best for the country.” Mark: “Repealing the bill of Rights is probably […]

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Governor Medicaid Maggie Hassan Tosses ‘Most Vulnerable’ Under the Budget Bus

by Steve MacDonald January 27, 2015

This season on New Hampshire Democrat Governors,  last seasons only ‘legislative victory’–Medicaid Expansion–forces our “hero of the people” to make a difficult decision. The budget is a problem so what is a “fiscally responsible” governor to do?  Sell grandma down the river and hope for rain. Medicaid Maggie Hassan proposes $58 million cut from NH […]

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