Day: December 31, 2013

“No compromise. No being co-opted”

Democrats and Republicans – “two vultures fighting over a carcass“: Schweizer emphasized that the way to defeat the permanent political class–in particular, the Republican establishment–is to espouse the same “no compromise” approach Reagan espoused toward the Soviet Union. Looking back on 2013, the Tea Party and conservatives garnered victories on a host of issues–such as …

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Representative David Campbell’s Own Duck Dynasty

“Man who stand on hill with mouth open will wait long time for roast duck to drop in.” —Confucius “I am deeply sorry that I accidentally ran over several wild ducks near the Crowne Plaza last Monday night…”

We hated it then, so why are Progressive Democrats cramming this down our throats?

Simple answer: F. A. Hayek came up with the idea of Fatal Conceit, that it is impossible for a few people to have sufficient knowledge to run an economy – at all.  There are just too many inputs for too many decisions for any central planners to know exactly what has to be done correctly.  …

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Progressives: Oh yes we can!

Said no Founding Father.  EVAH!  Tax on a product, tax on a service…yes (more and more grudgingly, even angrily, only in that Govt can’t ever seem to stop growing). The question still remains – given that the Government can now tax you for NOT participating in the economy, by NOT purchasing a commercial offering that …

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