Day: December 30, 2013

Notable Quote – Mona Charon

This isn’t just a problem with Obamacare. It’s a dangerous new level of government by decree. Adhering to the rule of law isn’t just a tradition — it is the essence of American liberty and success. Nations without it (look at Egypt, Venezuela or Russia) have difficulty achieving stability and prosperity even though they are …

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“Germany was taken over because people didn’t take a stand. And I see the same thing happening here.”

World War II Airborne combat veteran Warenn (Renn) Bodeker, from Plains, Montana gives us an important message from his past experiences. Renn is a member of Oath Keepers, a non-partisan association of current and formerly serving military, police, and first responders who pledge to fulfill the oath all military and police take to “defend the …

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Lame Duck?

“I hit some ducks,” Campbell said in an interview with The Telegraph. “Some people were feeding ducks on the driveway in front of the Crowne Plaza at 10 o’clock at night … and they didn’t move, and I hit some ducks.”  

Notable Quote: Ludwig Von Mises

Young people once looked forward to the day they would escape the family home and forge their own path through life. Holding down a job, managing their finances and taking responsibility for their actions were what defined them as adults. And a society of such people, working together, was the cornerstone of Western civilisation. But …

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A fact – but not an answer

Advantage Guinta in the “Answer the Question” category.  Host of WMUR’s Closeup, Josh McElveen, asked what I thought was a simple straight-forward to US Senator Kelly Ayotte:  Is there a collective unity or is it still as fractured as it was Nov 7? Well, you know, just like any place, there are divergent views within …

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What makes that a great idea?

The NH GOP should go “X Contests” a la the Ansari X Prize that was offered by the X Foundation Frank Guinta was on WMUR’s (just like the logo says) “Close Up” – no big surprise as like all shows, we are now in the “wrap up for the year” time slot for all the …

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Top 20 Grok Posts for 2013

This years top 20, like last years, is based entirely on comments.  So it is  not so much the top 20 best posts for content, reporting, or style  just the ones that inspired the most debate. This years number one comment-getting post is number one because the subject of the post was so ‘inspired’ by …

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