Day: December 24, 2013

Notable Quote – Gabriel Gomez

“I thank God everyday for people like Chris Pinto and Rob Eno because  they serve as perfect examples for my kids of who and what not to be  when they grow up… the level of ignorance and intolerance exhibited by them and their small “Klan” are an ebarassment to our civil Society. Merry Christmas.” “Part …

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ABC’s Good Morning America On Yet Another “Puke-Fest”

“Sarcasm…Because beating the shit out of people is illegal.” —unknown Here we go…Another smarmy, “look how wonderful we are, Good Morning America” show. Nothing says, “I have an ego bigger than Montana,” like being a host of the ABC News (News” and I use the term extremely loosely) show “Good Morning America.   How many of these …

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The Perfect Decoy For Liberal Hunting!

Do you think with those Pajama Boy Decoys, The Commander might bag a certain liberal leader?     Nah – we couldn’t be THAT lucky! (Image: National Review Online)

And I thought it was “Kids say the darndest things”

Again, from yesterday’s Meet The Press where Washington Post’s E.J. Dionne expressed his dismay that a lot of Americans don’t believe that government should or can’t deliver healthcare for all, especially where it concerns Obamacare: Well, I think there’s something crazy when people say that Government can’t deliver healthcare.  Ever heard of Medicare?  Ever heard …

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Obama The Beneficent Grants Exemptions

In yet another example of the imperial presidency, and Obama’s practice of declaring that the law means what he chooses it to mean, no more, no less, today Reuters carried the headline “ObamaCare Signup Deadline Pushed Back“, and advised that The “White House gave consumers shopping on the program’s website an extra day, until December …

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