Sunday, December 22, 2013

Quack Dynasty – A Progressive Family Business

by Mike December 22, 2013

Anything to improve his ratings, which are clearly well below those of Phil Robertson! Artwork courtesy

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QuackLash! Cracker Barrel Ducks And Covers!

by Mike December 22, 2013

Talk about being caught with your waders down! Barely 24 hours after announcing that they were pulling Duck Dynasty items from their shelves, Cracker Barrel confessed to being caught in a vicious QUACKLASH from their customers, and backpaddled as fast as they could to avoid further damage to reputation and business over the holidays. H/T […]

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Oh James? Methinks you owe Karen Testerman a bit of an apology!

by Skip December 22, 2013

Umm, I didn’t see you, Mr. Pindell, over at the “Second Amendment Corner” either!  Not all that hard to have found it – all that Hunter Orange and such.  So I found this a bit, well, silly: “If Karen Testerman, Gary Lambert and Marilinda Garcia had any political instincts whatsoever they wouldn’t have walked inside […]

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Obama ‘Repeals’ Obama-Care

by Steve MacDonald December 22, 2013
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If ever there was a case for the benefit of ‘Rule of Law,’ where regardless of how constricting a law is at least everyone knows who and what it applies to and can predict how the law applies–the Progressive Pandora’s Box that is Obama-Care is it. It also serves as proof that the conservative position […]

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