Day: March 1, 2013

Notable Quote – Jonah Goldberg

From Today’s G- File Anyway, the interesting thing about the sequester is how it exposes the shallowness of his (Obama’s) moral-equivalent-of-war rhetoric (or, if you prefer, his equally ridiculous elision of “community” or “family” with “government”). When military units have a hardship, they make do. When communities come up short of money, everyone pitches in. …

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Obama Doesn’t Want Dictatorial Power over Sequester Cuts

Email and social media have been burning up with cries and moans about the US Senate giving Obama dictatorial power. What they actually tried to do was to give him complete control over the Sequester cuts.  Only the Sequester cuts.  But all 85 Billion. Obama could pick and choose what got cut without having to concern himself with congress. …

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The Sequester: We were warned, but we just wouldn’t listen!

And now, because there might be a teensy, weensy, tiny percentage decrease in the continued projected headlong explosion of increased government spending, our existence may be coming to an end, all as accurately reported by National Review’s Morning Jolt:

What institution has killed more people…

…then any other, throughout history? Answer: Governments, when the wrong people inevitably manage to get into power, disarm the populace, and then run amok. It’s called “democide“.

Sustainable Development…The Movie

Last week, I posted a link to a pamphlet titled “Understanding Sustainable Development – Agenda 21 For The People and their Public Officials“. Today, I found a valuable companion video to it (see below) titled “False Choices”. This video provides a comprehensive overview and historical summary of the intrusive United Nations program, created by globalists …

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