Day: February 22, 2013

Jeff Dunham and Walter…in DC

… because that was the shore the Internet surf dumped me on.   And it’s Friday.  And it’s funny.  And anything named “Spark of Insanity” is suitable for a political blog… …and I’m done.  Here you go.  

“Green” Cleaner Responsible for Blaze

Thankfully no one was hurt but talk about an eye opener. Fire Lt. Kenneth Vincent said with the increase in people using “green” cleaning products, the number of chemical combustion fires is on the rise. Those are two words that should make any Birkenstock wearing, free-trade-latte-drinking-tree-hugging-Kashi-eating-granola junkie shudder – ‘chemical fire.’ That can’t be good for the …

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“Government budget about to be SLASHED! We’re all gonna DIE!”

A few weeks ago I wrote about the Washington Monument ploy. It’s a tactic the political class uses to lash out against the people to inflict  as much pain and punishment as possible whenever government spending is reduced. “Is reduced”? Did I say that? Hell, we’re talking about…

Stupid is as Stupid Does.

Who ever accepted the idea that al Qaida was just isolated cells with no connecting framework?  Not me.  But apparently there are people who bought into the Obama narrative who really should know better.  Or are they just committed to trying to sell that narrative for him? (AP-al Qaida tip sheet on avoiding drones found) “This new …

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