Day: February 19, 2013

Hassan’s Budget Gamble Takes Heat From Her Left

No one should be surprised to see Maggie Hassan’s budget has millions of dollars in revenue from a source that does not even exist. In this instance it is gambling, but a few years ago Senator Hassan was part and parcel to repeated budget balancing fiascoes that relied on non existent revenue. She voted for budgets “balanced” with revenues …

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Free For Me But Not For Thee

In reporting on New Hampshire House Bill HB 514 –An Act relating to giving legislators a free ride–WMUR reports that it a) came out of committee with instructions to kill it (this is good) but b) that supporters of the bill claim that Members skiing for free at Canon Mountain–the Bill’s real purpose–doesn’t add costs …

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Just chill, ladies.

Over at Hot Air, I read about Colorado state Rep. Joe Salazar suggesting a novel method of self-defense for women on campus— just chill, ladies. I think not.

Sustainable Development-101

  Lotsa talk about “sustainable-this” and “sustainable-that“, and blah-blah-blah.  You know it’s dangerous and insidious, but you’re a spectator and it’s overwhelming – I get it.  I’ve spent way too many sunny days, indoors, studying this nonsense, and there are others who have put in even more time. Hell, I never even got to write Part-3 …

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Get “far away from the USA…its collapse will be messy”

We all know it and see it – the deficit, the debt, Fed Quantitative Easing, the burgeoning Socialism of America.  If you are like me, you might be taking some modest steps toward living (surviving) a post-economic collapse.  Or, you may not be. Some think it unthinkable, some see pending doom. I’m in the middle; …

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Rape News from Colorado

Can we throw in Whoopie Goldberg’s “rape rape” remark to set the stage?  This may turn out to be “enlightening”.  Earlier today, the University of Colorado (no Righty Ivory Tower, them) put out some guidelines for females for “rape prevention”.  Then a Colorado DEMOCRAT Representative Joe Salazer (not even an old white guy, he) decided …

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Facebook Doodlings – in which I may have called out Lloyd over at TreeHugger

Well, I do go over to TH from time to time, and even leave comments.  Well, there was a post by Lloyd (“90 by 50 plan could reduce New York City’s emissions by 90% by 2050“), someone that doesn’t always take kindly to Conservative or Libertarians assaulting what seems to be an Environmental Communitarian mantra.  …

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