Friday, February 15, 2013

“Defend our Liberty Day” at the NH State House – 2/21/2013

by Skip February 15, 2013

Updated and bumped with additional info ‘Grok friend NH State Rep JR Hoell sends along this notice concerning a number of NH bills related to the Second Amendment to those that might be able to come to the hearings on Thursday, 2/21/13 “Defend our Liberty Day” A GUN Ban to OPPOSE, A study committee meeting […]

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Voter fraud teaser

by Ed Naile February 15, 2013

All we wanted was to simply see the November 6, 2012 checklist from the City of Portsmouth, NH.  Is that such a crime?  Not really , but when a CNHT pal went to Portsmouth City Hall to look up a name on the checklist, the answer was that the checklist had too much personal information […]

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Maybe the start of a Revolution? Another firearms company to leave NY Govt to its own firearm devices (or not)

by Skip February 15, 2013

LaRue Tactical.  Olympic Arms.  Now a third firearms company, York Arms,  is saying that what is bad for civilians is going to be bad for Government entities and Law Enforcement agencies in New York due to Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new law (hey, he was all but frothing at the mouth to get this, so let […]

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Finally, Answers to the Benghazi Questions

by Scott Morales February 15, 2013

What the hell? I’ve been swamped this passed week and haven’t been able to pay attention to the world as closely as I should. I just ran ocular first into this Washington Time’s headline: “White House: All questions answered on Benghazi attack” Keine Schiesse!

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DHS Tries to Explain Why It Needs 1.6 Billion More Rounds of Ammo

by Steve MacDonald February 15, 2013

The speculation about why the US Department of Homeland Security would want to buy another 1.6 billion (with a b) rounds of ammunition over the next few years as been ‘enthusiastic’-if not just creepy at times, but worry not, they have put the issue to rest. The Homeland Security Department wants to buy more than 1.6 billion rounds […]

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Fergus Cullen and The Other “Smartest Guys In The Room”

by Rick Olson February 15, 2013

“Why don’t they pass a constitutional amendment prohibiting anybody from learning anything? If it works as well as prohibition did, in five years Americans would be the smartest race of people on Earth.”    —Will Rogers  As I sit and read the paper over morning coffee, I read yet another hit piece on Bill O’Brien.   […]

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What Obama REALLY Did on Sept 11th – Cartoon Of The Day

by Mike February 15, 2013

Fiddling while Benghazi burned – Sums it up nicely!

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Video of Meteor Exploding Over Russia

by Steve MacDonald February 15, 2013

There are reports from Russia that as many as 900 people have been injured,  and many windows shattered (see possible effect and then cause relationship there) after a meteor(s) exploded just above the ground in the Ural region. More video on the jump

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Notable Quote – Democrats Are A Spending And A Revenue Problem

by Steve MacDonald February 15, 2013

“Ask a democrat and they will tell you “we have a revenue problem.”  But the only reason you could ever have a revenue problem is if you first have a spending problem.   But if you have elected Democrats, you will always have a spending problem.   And you will always have a spending problem because […]

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Chicago’s strong gun control laws…

by Tim Condon February 15, 2013

Some of the strictest gun control laws in the U.S. in fact. So, this just in: EAST CHICAGO (CBS) — Home from Afghanistan for just five months, 25-year-old Indiana National Guardsman Willie Cook was gunned down while shielding his two-year-old son.

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