Day: February 13, 2013

Rand Paul’s Response to Obama’s State of The Union Address

Yes, I have always liked Rand Paul, in case you were curious, and he is my kind of Republican…so in keeping with that, here you go; Rand Paul’s response c/o the Tea Party (though not necessarily as the Tea Party) to El Presidente’ Obama’s State of Delusion the Union Speech.

Adventures in Babysitting

J.Robert Smith has a good article at American Thinker on Republicans taking back the tax issue, and that is certainly true,  but there were two things in particular that stood out to me… First, the current US tax code consists of almost 74,000 pages.  (What the…) Second, on one of those pages can be found this. (paragraphs appear here in …

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I’m a Doctor, You’re a Doctor, He’s a Doctor….

…She’s a Doctor, wouldn’t you like to be a doctor too? You might be a doctor and you didn’t even know it, because that is how you solve a doctor shortage caused by oppressive legislation in the peoples Republik of (in this case) Kalifornia.  Not enough “Doctors”… change the definition of doctor and Bam! Problem …

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