Thursday, February 7, 2013

Dr Ben Carson Of C.U.R.E Tells Obama America Is Great And Obamacare Is Not

by Mike February 7, 2013

If the player doesn’t appear, click here. Video H/T Star Parker of C.U.R.E (Center for Urban Renewal and Education), where Dr Carson is a board member. C.U.R.E. is dedicated to teaching urban minorities how to get off welfare and become self reliant. Dr Carson praised the greatness of America and its foundation of personal responsibility […]

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Our bestest Secretary of State evah!

by Susan Olsen February 7, 2013

Heh.  H/T The Looking Spoon.

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Driving Out The Competition

by Steve MacDonald February 7, 2013

I have posited elsewhere in these pages that the government (when run by this particular crowd of liberal Democrats at least) very likely engages in tax policy designed to eliminate political competition. If, for example, you drive off all the wealthy people or confiscate so much of their wealth that they cling (bitterly) to whatever […]

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Ben Gahzi Walks into A Bar Without Barak Obama Or Hillary Clinton…

by Steve MacDonald February 7, 2013

Leon Panetta testifies to that which we already knew… Panetta said that, save their 5 o’clock prescheduled meeting with the president the day of September 11, Obama did not call or communicate in anyway with the defense secretary that day. There were no calls about the what was going on in Benghazi. He never called […]

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Stand With Stephen Forster & Forster’s Christmas Tree Farm (Again!) [Updated][Bumped]

by Steve MacDonald February 7, 2013

(Originally posted yesterday morning 2-6-2013- but it’s important, and the meeting is tonight.) The next Henniker zoning board meeting (Noooo-body expects the Spanish Inquisition) is this Thursday (tonight) at 7pm, and Steve Forster will once more be brought before the local arsitocray on the matter of the proper use of his property. Forster’s Christams Tree […]

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Rand Paul Speaks at Heritage on Containment

by Steve MacDonald February 7, 2013

Senator Paul speaks to the issue of Radical Islam and American engagement; No to isolationism, no to neoconservatism, yes to containment. He’s spot on though I’d be interested in hearing his opinion about the costs Reagan embraced to expand the military as part of the Reagan foreign policy he otherwise seems to approve of in […]

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Gun-Toting ‘Lunatic’ Pleads Guilty to ‘Intent to Kill’

by Steve MacDonald February 7, 2013

The mad right-wing lunatic who, last August, tried to shoot up the offices of the Pro-Gay Rights “Human Rights Campaign” in Washington DC has… …pleaded guilty to one federal count of crossing state lines with guns and ammunition. He also pleaded guilty to one count of intent to kill while armed and one count of […]

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NH Executive Council Votes To Explore Boondoggle

by Steve MacDonald February 7, 2013

The Executive Council, by a vote of 4-1, has approved a 3.7 million dollar feasibility study–all three Democrats and sometime Republican Ray Burton voted to approve the expense. “Expanded rail service to Nashua and beyond has the potential to boost New Hampshire’s economy and create jobs. The only way we can understand the full impact […]

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Slow To Find It, Quick To Lose It – Sharleene Goes Non-Linear

by Mike February 7, 2013

Ten days after our post about the DemocRAT-like uncivil behavior and vandalism committed by Sharleene Hurst, the post was the digital equivalent of six feet under, and sleeping peacefully……. Until tonight, when the radar at Grok HQ lit up brighter than the BatSignal over Gotham, and we discovered that Sharleene had paid the site a […]

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Clinton a “Finest” Secretary of State? Ridiculous!!

by Don February 7, 2013

President Obama says Secretary Clinton has been one of our country’s finest Secretaries of State.  Huh??  Is the President now smoking something other than cigarettes? Is the world safer, more peaceful, are threats reduced, is our country more respected around the world, are people more free than they were when Hillary took over as Secretary […]

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