Sunday, November 18, 2012

Guest Post by Ken Eyring – Why the Henniker Zoning Board believes it owns your property

by Skip November 18, 2012

“If someone else controls your private property, you do not own it.”  – Skip Murphy.  Six days ago, Steve had this post concerning the trouble that Stephen Forster (Forster’s Christmas Tree Farm) is in with the local zoning members concerning the way he wishes to use his own property (to hold weddings as “Agro-Tourism”, a […]

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Wanna be miserable? RingWingNews has the recipe fer ya!

by Skip November 18, 2012

John Hawkins of RightWingNews is known for “lists”.  Lists of what not to do, lists of what to do, interesting stuff lists, advice lists….this one is a good read.  A seven-step process to keep you in the bottom quarter of the misery index (success at being sad?): 1) Don’t pursue your ideal self Abraham Maslow […]

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Quick riff off Scott: Secession By Atrophy

by Skip November 18, 2012

He is right – we are seeing patches of America that are degenerating into some kind of ThunderDome dystopia.  We do have places, especially in our urban areas, that rival any banana republic or third world nation landscape.  Victor Davis Hanson, a professor of the Classics and military history in the California university system, has […]

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Secession By Atrophy

by Scott Morales November 18, 2012

Ah, what’s a little secession between states, eh?  So a state is no longer under the auspices of the United States, it’ll be an orphan. Big deal. What do you think will happen? That the forlorn and forgotten former territory of the United State will sit in pathetic darkness like a shivering punished child at […]

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