Saturday, November 10, 2012

Blogline of the day from Patterico

by Skip November 10, 2012

Another demonstration of Democrat values – sore losers: When good Democrats are pushed to the point where they have no choice but to express their political views by slaughtering a defenseless animal and dumping it at their opponents’ front door — well, it really says something about the GOP. On a post talking about a […]

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So, will the NH GOP Executive Board do as the requestor asks?

by Skip November 10, 2012

To the NH GOP and Chairman MacDonald: I respectfully request that Chairman MacDonald and all of the executive staff of the NH GOP resign their seats immediately.  The returns from this past Tuesday are disgraceful and reflect a Party and Leadership completely out of touch with constituents. For the first time in my life, I […]

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All we heard from the Dems was caterwauling about “Settled Law!” Consistency is not their strong suit

by Skip November 10, 2012

All we heard from these clowns the last two years was things like don’t you DARE touch the gay marriage law – the Legislature already “settled” the issue.  How DARE you Republicans even consider revisiting that law! They adopted the mantra that once done, always done when it comes to the law.  Sure, the body […]

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In the aftermath of this election…

by Tim Condon November 10, 2012

…I’m finding there to be a strange…quiet in the atmosphere. It’s not at all like 2008, when there were loud and adulating crowds, where there were victory laps and cries of joy…where there were even some taunts of “nya, nya, nyaaa, we won the election!” (That last came directly from Obama himself, as I remember.) But […]

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Book Recommendation: With The Old Breed

by Scott Morales November 10, 2012

I made a mistake.  Last week, November 4th, was the 89th birthday of a soldier that forever changed the way I think about war. Eugene  B. Sledge served in the Pacific in World War II. He was a private, a grunt, a jarhead marine. He slogged his way through rancid, fetid sludge in scorching heat […]

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