Month: November 2012

Mandate, Shmandate. Hello There Cliff, I’m Ready To Go

It seems the Republicans in Congress, that are still there, believe they’re wearing a “We held the House this past election, and all we got was this lousy T-Shirt!” T-shirt. And the wily Dems have no problem sidling up to the newly T-shirted and complementing them on its fit and trendiness, “you look fantastic!” Who …

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Feds Close 100 Year old Business…Because They Can

What the government wants the government gets.  Even if they have to make it up. This is the story of how the Federal government railroaded a 100 year old company, recognized as an outstanding Environmental steward by the national parks service, out of business. (more preamble here c/o Hot Air).  

Un-Un Breaking News: Stacie Laughton Resigns Again

Convicted Felon and recently elected New Hampshire House Democrat Stacie Marie Laughton has ended the roller-coaster ride since her extensive criminal history was released by the Laconia Sun and resigned…in writing….to the Secretary of State.  (Story went public, she resigned, un-resigned–sort of, then resigned again.) So reports the Union leader. In the same piece (UL Editorial) …

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We’re going down, folks.

But this time there’s going to be a documentary for the historians to study; it’s aptly named The Bubble. The movie explains the coming economic crash, including “Who caused it, who called it, and what’s next.” Included in the movie are appearances by economists, commentators, historians, and investment experts; they include Thomas E. Woods, Jr.; Jim …

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