Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ask A New Hampshire Democrat About Taxing The Rich

by Steve MacDonald September 23, 2012

The distance between left wing rhetoric and reality is wide, particularly on the issue of taxing the rich.  This classic bit of class war rhetoric is used to deflect any deeper inspection of the problem, and the flaws in the Democrat’s solution.  And the flaws are huge.  Immense.  Enormous.  Disqualifying in fact.  So ask a […]

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Dependence on Government Higher than Ever

by Scott Morales September 23, 2012

From the Heritage Foundation (source details after the jump):

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Do you know people who plan to vote for Obama?

by Tim Condon September 23, 2012

Of course you do. I have family members who plan to vote for him. So? So email the following article to them, each and every one. I just did.

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