Day: September 17, 2012

“Obama’s in.”

Ben Stein wrote an interesting piece in The American Spectator today. In it he makes various observations and comes to various conclusions, as follow:

Democrats Celebrate Turkish Air Force at Convention

An apology is likely forthcoming, after it is revealed that, like the Soviet Black Sea Navy ships sailing behind the speakers at the Democrat National Convention, the fighter jets pictured above…not US either.  So their tribute the military was essentially…a complete fail.  (#FAIL) The Daily Caller nails them on this here.  The jets are Turkish …

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Blue Hampshire Doesn’t Really Understand NH “Citizen Activism”

In a posting dated Monday, September 17, 2012 (the 225th anniversary of the creation of the US Constitution), William Tucker over at Blue Hampshire (or, more accurately, “Boo-Hoo Hamster”), states that “conservative special interest groups successfully targeted GOP lawmakers who failed to toe the ideological line…“. Good observation, but his title “NH GOP purges moderates” …

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Constitution Day 2012

This Monday, September 17, 2012, marks the 225th anniversary of the US Constitution.  Each year, the United States celebrates Constitution Day (even Constitution Week), when we take time to honor, and to consider the importance of the document that does not give us our rights (as many incorrectly think), but puts words to paper that protect …

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Our government is spinning out of control….

Skip wrote about it yesterday HERE. It’s worth revisiting to see the updated comments. Brownshirts. In the middle off the night. On trumped up charges. With plenty of TV cameras there. This sucks. Our President does too. He is…something other than what a President should be. This is simply disgusting.