Day: June 14, 2012

Look For The Union Label (Hint: There’s a Hammer and a Sickle)

Unions being Unions: Angry socialists and communists Union leaders in Wisconsin promise that the fight to destroy capitalism will continue. We knew that, but thanks for sharing.  It’s nice to be able to remind the people who may have forgotten or never knew what your real mission was.  

Axelrod – Can’t Fake Economic Optimism

When you cannot speak from a point of principle you will inevitable contradict yourself.  Democrats do it often.  And here’s David Axelrod (circa 1994) telling us that a sitting President shouldn’t fake economic optimism.  And certainly not from the 9th hole. Advice he seems to have forgotten to give to President Obama…and himself (Circa 2012). …

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Common sense for the Choir but you should watch it because Democrats will hate it the way Vampires are supposed to hate the sun.  (Not like those wussy Twilight, ay walkers who look like bulimic Vanity Fair Cover Models ) Where was I?  Oh yeah.  America’s Byzantine Tax Code.  Enjoy.