Day: May 26, 2012

Phyllis Woods For State Senate?

There has been some speculation but I had not heard anything from Phyllis…until @WoodsforSenate started following one of my Twitter Accounts. Is it safe to say that Phyllis is running for the New Hampshire State Senate?    

Data Point – Bush vs Obama spending

In the blogosphere and in the Campaign, much is still being made of the Bush spending and the meme that the Obama campaign wants to spread that Obama is frugal.  One rebuttal is here.  Here is another one: (H/T: PJmedia)

Quick Thought – Bragdon / Dwyer

From Pindell on his weekly Ups and Downs Political Standing column: Dan Dwyer: The Merrimack Selectman wants to primary Senate President Peter Bragdon, but Bragdon will file showing $63,000 cash on hand already in his campaign account. Can Dwyer compete with that? As a Conservative activist, I have been sorely disappointed in the NH Senate …

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Weakling Republicans and Activist Judges….

Last week the Executive Council held hearings on Gov. Lynch’s latest judicial-activist nomination to the NH Supreme Court. On Tuesday I posted at GraniteGrok that the 5-0 Republican majority on the Executive Council—which has the power of advice and consent to the governor’s judicial nominations—should refuse to confirm the nomination. Why? Because the nomee, Jim …

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You Might Be A Liberal

Joseph Harris, who writes all over the place but also happens to post at (where I cross-post some content), has collected a Baker’s dozen +4 phrases on the theme of “You Might Be A Liberal If.” Spun from the “You Might Be A Redneck” schtick of Jeff Foxsworthy, “You might be a liberal” is …

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Blogburst: A connection between NH AG Richard Head and convicted terrorist bomber Brett Kimberlin?

“WHY would Dick Head want to approach her even with a 10 foot pole?“ You bet (to answer the post title question)!  Real easy too!  I had previously blogged this post “Why does NH AG Richard Head want James O’Keefe emails from a third party without a subpoena?” where Dick Head was inquiring of a …

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