Thursday, April 26, 2012

BE BREITBART: DoIT Right To Know Request : State of NH Internet Filtering policies

by Skip April 26, 2012

You know, we are still trying to find out the root reasons why folks like Richard de Seve and “GAIA” (and others like them) were allowed to comment and blog at the Concord Monitor so often during normal work hours.  So, we continue to think of what we need from the State that would be […]

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NH Governor race – let’s start talking about it

by Skip April 26, 2012

This November, voters in NH are going to have a stark choice for Governor: On the Left, it will be one of two extremely hard Left, Progressive, “Government-centered society” candidates: Jackie Cilley or Maggie Hassan – both who are trying to “out-Progressive” each other On the Right, it will be either Ovide Lamontagne or Kevin Smith.  […]

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The Misleading Claim about Medicare Administrative Costs

by Don April 26, 2012

A recent caller to Niel Young’s radio show, “The Advocates”, claimed that Medicare’s administration cost is much lower than for private insurance companies. But, Medicare’s formula for computing administration costs doesn’t include all the costs which government requires in the calculations for private companies. So the comparison is not valid, and the claim is misleading. […]

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BE BREITBART: DoIT Right To Know Request : Outbound Internet traffic summarizations – Update 3

by Skip April 26, 2012

Well, a quick update on setting up the Commish meeting:  Got a call yesterday afternoon from the “DES Commish Lady” (Commish Burak  Administrative Assistant, but DCL sound more bloggish) – the tentative meeting with Commishs Burack and Rogers (DES and DoIT) this  Friday at 6 pm is out of the question – somehow, I was […]

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Too much information: Multicultural News You May Not Want to Use

by Tim Condon April 26, 2012

Ahem. This from It is reported that under the new Egyptian Parliament, “[H]usbands will soon be legally allowed to have sex with their dead wives – for up to six hours after their death. The controversial new law is part of a raft of measures being introduced by the Islamist-dominated parliament. It will also […]

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Maryland – A US Senate Race to Watch

by Steve MacDonald April 26, 2012

Maryland manages to suffer from its proximity to the bureaucratic beast that is Washington DC (and the Bos-Wash blue belt of the Atlantic coast), and as such is a place where Democrats just expect to get elected.  But Republican Dan Bongino is making an impression in his quest to challenge Maryland incumbent Senator Ben Cardin. […]

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