Day: April 16, 2012

Juliana Bergeron – One Term Committeewoman?

I won’t waste time listing the dramatis personae of ‘Conservative-esque’ and ‘Libertarian-ish’ Republicans who probably fell for whatever passed as Juliana Bergeron’s Faustian bargain to earn their vote.   I’ll just say, “we-told-you-so” instead.  I know, that sounds divisive.  So let’s see what your new Committeewoman has to say about that. Keene Sentinel; Juliana is …

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Cain’s Revolution: Inspirational Comments and a Song!

After talking about reaching out to students with campus speeches, and how they get it, Herman burst into inspirational song for his audience, before concluding the evening session with thanks, some motivational thoughts, and a shout out for his favorite state Motto, Live Free or Die! (Wonder if the presence of Groksters in the front …

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Cain’s Revolution: Breitbart Tribute and Video

Three of Breitbart’s senior staff, Larry Solov, Sonnie Johnson, and Steven Bannon, discussed their experience with Andrew, and their excitement at being involved with Herman Cain’s “Army of Davids” in the battle against the Left. After their moving speeches, a short tribute video was shown. These people are motivated to carry on the work of …

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Live from Cain’s Revolution

The event is over, but look out for lots of video as I process it all, and links to the official videos when available.