Thursday, December 15, 2011

Increased Marijuana Smoking Also Coincides With Fewer Fatalities…

by Tim Condon December 15, 2011

…according to some recent research, at least. You can read all about it in The Wall Street Journal HERE. Marijuana prohibition is essentially the same thing as alcohol Prohibition. Neither have worked, and both have succeeded in creating HUGE social problems that are worse than the supposed harm caused by people exercising their inalienable American […]

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Increased Cell Phone Use Coincides With Fewer Fatalities

by Steve MacDonald December 15, 2011

The paper pushers at the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), would like to ban all cell phone use in motor vehicles.  That includes hands free, hand-held, all of it.  But after looking at the collision and fatality statistics, and skimming through the NHTSA’s Dec 2011 report on distracted driving,  the thing most likely to accomplish […]

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NRO Goes Establishment, Bashes Newt, Promotes ‘Electability’

by Mike December 15, 2011

Today’s headline article, titled AGAINST GINGRICH, is a thinly veiled attempt to steer primary voters toward Romney (with a passing nod to Huntsman and Santorum), and firmly puts NRO, home of the Kraut Hammer, in the camp of the Ruling Class. THEN, NRO sent the article out by email to all subscribers, just to make […]

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Grocery Stores And Courtesy…NOT!

by Rick Olson December 15, 2011

“Anyone who believes the competitive spirit in America is dead has never been in a supermarket when the cashier opens another checkout line.” —Ann Landers Your Turn, NH, a weekly New Hampshire Union Leader feature, gave ink to young Natasha Cole of Hudson, a U-Mass Lowell Student and cashier to speak out to the diseased […]

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