Day: October 28, 2011

GrokTalk! Saturday October 29, 2011

Live Streaming local and National News with opinion you could only get from GraniteGrok. EMail:  or Call us!  603-524-7478 This week, 9-11AM…   Acting Chair Carolyn McKinney will be on to talk about the future of the RLCNH (Republican Liberty Caucus of NH) now that Andrew Hemingway has stepped down for the time being.  …

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Why I am supporting Newt

Why I am supporting Newt Since the announcement of my position as State Director for Newt Gingrich I have been asked one single question repeatedly; “why are you supporting Newt”?  A great question, and one that is easy to answer when you look at his record.  Listed below are all of my reasons as to …

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First the bogeyman was global warming, then it morphed to

global climate change.  Now, according to #OWS, Occupy Wall Street, the primary worry is "income inequality" (brought on by those "bad people", the 1%ers). Sidenote: ever wonder why it is that the Left always seems to have  yet another "Other" when the current #1 World Destroyer problem starts to peter out with the general populace? …

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To Catch a Journalist – Part 1

One would think that with his notariety, James O’Keefe would be hard pressed, via his Project Veritas, to keep mining the seams of spheres of policy, influence, and action, but he does!  Now in his sights is one of the big influencers of the culture:Journalism.  This thread is all throughout those institutions that create the …

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#OccupyRapSheet (So Far)

Direct from John Nolte at Big Government, we have a list things that the left wing and Democrats support and we can only assume emulate.

God Bless Peter Schiff!

He gets right in the middle of the "Occupy Wall Street" kids (of all ages), and just Strikes Them Dumb! Just by asking a few questions! Lenin called liberals "useful idiots." These people are Obama’s "useful occupiers." After seeing Mr. Schiff on the front line of the battle, I pulled out his book published last year "How an Economy …

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