Day: October 24, 2011


Maybe 1%er Richard Branson will load up all the #OWS protesters into the first Virgin Galactic space vehicle–and take half of Hollywood (also 1%ers) on a trip to right this universal wrong?

Jeff Chidester speaks about the Bachmann TEAM-NH mass resignation

Well, in addition to the joint memo that the former Bachmann staffers released earlier today, Jeff Chidester went on with WGIR’s Paul Wescott to talk about the strife that the National campaign staff that led to that mass resignation of the entire NH based staff. I watched Michele on the Sunday show (FoxNews Sunday with …

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Breaking News! Sununu endorses Romney!

Of course he does…did anyone really expect otherwise? I did get a kick out of Jon Huntsman’s campaign comment on this endorsement: Governor Sununu, Over the course of this campaign you have made it abundantly clear that you would endorse a conservative governor – a laudable criterion. However, I am surprised that you believe Mitt …

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Team-NH of the Bachmann Campaign

News has been floating around for a few days about whether or not some of the staffers for Michele Bachmann had quit, none had quit, or all had quit.  Here is their joint statement (and I have a comment at the end): Manchester, NH – October 23, 2011: For Immediate Release The Team-NH of the …

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