Day: October 4, 2011

You know, I expect this kind of thing from Michele “” Obama, Dietician-In-Chief

We all know that Michele has taken it upon herself to save the US from epidemic of childhood obesity (as if it were really communicative in the traditional epidemic sense of the word).  Setting up new dietary standards for us all, "suggesting" that the entire food industry should follow her "guidelines" (restaurants, food manufacturers).  I …

You know, I expect this kind of thing from Michele “” Obama, Dietician-In-ChiefRead More »

Once again, Obama is bullying the wrong guy to get his Porkulus II (er, Jobs Bill) passed!

Obama has his panties in a wad all over the fact that Eric Cantor, #3 GOPper in the US House, said his Slush Fund II Jobs bill wasn’t going to come up for a vote. First, let’s also state that NOT ONE DEMOCRAT is co-sponsoring it in the House, last time I looked.  No co-sponsor, …

Once again, Obama is bullying the wrong guy to get his Porkulus II (er, Jobs Bill) passed!Read More »

Proud of President Obama

I would have been prouder still of President Obama if he didn’t use our soldiers as political pawns. Because the Democrat controlled Senate has refused to pass a budget for more than two years, government funding is being authorized by continuing resolutions. When Republicans tried to rein in President Obama’s irresponsible spending demands, President Obama threatened a government shutdown and the withholding of salary, disability and death benefits, and other payments to our soldiers, even those in combat with dependent families.
I guess soldiers shouldn’t feel singled out since President Obama also threatened to have social security payments withheld. Apparently payments for foreign aid, bureaucrats, subsidies, bailouts, pork barrel spending, and President Obama’s travel, etc., are all higher priority to President Obama than paying our soldiers and seniors.

The TEA Party is for America not for a Political Party

The TEA Party demands that politicians ignore both leftist and rightist special interests and start addressing our country’s problems. The TEA Party opposes politicians of any party who continue the disastrous policies of the last 50 years. It will support politicians of any party who are dedicated to returning to the policies that made our country the greatest in human history: personal responsibility, small Constitutionally authorized and fiscally responsible government, the rule of law equally applied to rich and poor regardless of political influence, and opportunity for all to work for their dreams.

Revenue Prediction

No, I’m not going to guess how New Hampshire will fare on tax revenue. I am going to predict how democrats will respond to the news of a surplus and business tax revenues over estimate.