Wednesday, September 7, 2011


by Rick Olson September 7, 2011

“Self-defense is the clearest of all laws, and for this reason: lawyers didn’t make it” ~Douglas William Jerrold Despite the efforts of Governor Lynch, his Attorney General and a hand full of unelected Police Chiefs around the state, The New Hampshire Senate voted this afternoon to override the Governor’s veto on a vote of 17 […]

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Live Reagan Library Debate Blogging at The Draft!

by Skip September 7, 2011

There is a debate watching party here at The Draft Sports Bar in Concord.  A few folks floating around right now but more are expected (if you’re coming, come up to the upstairs TV room). I’ll be tweeting out what I think is interesting and try to get some folks to tell me what they […]

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Left Wing Hyporcisy Must Die!

by Steve MacDonald September 7, 2011

Closer to home we could have the New Hampshire Democrat Party Must Die. (I know for a fact they’ll never seriously object to the current game and as such the entire state party must be responsible for failing to do so until they all denounce it–their rules.) Terie Norelli, Sylvia Larsen, John Lynch, and Kathy Sullivan, all gore covered, relentless, brain eating, mindless …actually wait.

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New Hampshire Exceptional, Yet Again.

by Steve MacDonald September 7, 2011

Stopping the spending and the out of control growth was and is exactly what you need and want from your US congress, but cannot yet achieve with a Democrat Senate and a Democrat President. And you will never get it as long as the left controls any those parts of your Federal government.

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