Day: August 22, 2010

Bill O’Brien at the Belknap County Republican Committee

At the last meeting of the Belknap County Republicans (8/11/10), Bill O’Brien, a NH House Representative and Chair of the NH GOP Platform Committee, gave a brief talk to the assembled crowd (full house!) on some of the changes to the Republican Platform that have been proposed. Most of them center around an enhanced adherence …

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GraniteGrok Debating Awards!

Tongue-in-cheek awards! I can be a long patient person – as shown by my willingness to endure endless hours of drab, humorless blither and blather by office-holder-wannabees, I crave moments of either absolute absurdity or stunning brilliance in the art and execution in the rhetorical arts. Well, Wednesday nite at the Seacoast Republican Women Senatorial …

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Cost of Government Day

According to the Center for Fiscal Accountability, New Hampshire residents work 226.8 days to pay for the cost of government this year. So go ahead and celebrate. Everything you earn after August 14th is technically yours to keep.
Who would have thought they’d let you keep 138.2 days worth of income from a years worth of work? What a bargain.

Target (ing) Gaypocrisy

Target donated money to a pro business PAC, which donated money to a Minnesota Candidate that makes the Gay activists less than merry.  (Can’t exactly say less gay can I?).  And since the "x degrees of fiscal separation" rule is only relevant to anything to the right of Trotsky, the Gender Confusion Corps (pronounced "corpse") …

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Got a Dollar…er Peso, Bill?

Most everyone has heard the rumor that, while CEO of Carlisle Plastics, Bill Binnie authorized the closing of a clothes-hanger manufacturing facility in California, and had it shipped to Mexico – along with 450 American jobs.   Well, he denied this last week (in a full-page Union Leader ad).  But after researching the SEC filing documents, …

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