Day: August 11, 2010

Barney Frank’s Housing Bubble

We need to be reminded that every time someone tried to stop the expansion of the GSE’s and to try to prevent an expanding housing bubble Chris Dodd or Barney Frank stood up and said there was no reason to worry. They were wrong. But why have they not paid for the mistake?

Jennifer Aniston Is A Moron

I don’t usually waste valuable ink on celebrities unless they do or say something in excess of the expected amount of ignorance.  Jennifer Aniston has done just that.  She apparently thinks the idea of being a single mom is OK–like as if anyone could do it. Everyone in your little circle of wealthy Hollywood and professional types …

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It has been 9 months….

…but is the ‘Grok getting ready to Talk once again?  Well, here’s a couple of the goodies now heading towards central New Hampsha!  Something to talk into and to listen with:          And a whole bunch of slots for a bunch of yakkers:   Hmmm…it’s not like this isn’t a talk target …

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The Jobs Deficit.

Here’s a suitable followup to the McLuster post.  She (McLuster) whined about Bush tax cuts–that’s where a president let people keep what they legally earned and… oops the economy got better and 3.5 million jobs were created.  Does that number sound familiar?  3.5 Million jobs?  It should. Obama and the spendocrats spent trillions to create….3.5 …

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Cold Water

  Kathy ‘Lawsuit’ Sullivan was bragging about the state of democrat fortunes in this morning’s Union Leader.   Then I ran across this from an August 5th survey by Rasmussen.   Fortunes indeed.

Obama v. Obama

This will be making the rounds.  It’s a video from HuffPo pitting Obama against himself on Afghanistan.  I’m not posting it to take a position or make a point, I just happen to think it was fun to watch Obama interviewing himslef (more or less) on the issue.     (H/T RedState and