Day: August 2, 2010

Has this one finally realized what Congress has done?

The time on being on "government auto-pilot" is over.  We have seen what Government does when ordinary folks like us just merely voted and then dismissed government from our minds, feeling that we have done our civic duty.  Why not?  Government, GOOD government, should always be in the background, perhaps the "third" background, as we …

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Notable Quote – Coyote Blogger

I understand that this is exactly what the Left is shooting for – an environment where the competent have no advantage over the incompetent.  If employers are resorting to FICO scores, it just demonstrates how all the other reasonable avenues of obtaining information have been closed to them. The only saving grace in this country …

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What Was The Point Of This?

If you and your employer “Part ways,” you are entitled to file for unemployment compensation assuming the departure was not the product of gross misconduct.  That means you didn’t do something that forced the employer to fire you.  Sexual misconduct, irrational behavior, negligence, abuse, and theft are all possible examples, many subject to the possibility …

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