Day: August 1, 2010

Welcome To The Hodespocrisy!

On July 31st the New Hampshire Democrat Party declared open season on Paul Hodes political PAC money so I’m not wasting any time taking up the challenge.  The challenge?  Find hypocrisy in the donors or the donors to the donors—to Paul Hodes campaign.  Let me tell that it’s no challenge making Mr. Hodes and his …

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More on Anita MonCrief and Obama’s donor list

I did an interview with Anita MonCrief during the RightOnline conference concerning her role in whistleblowing on ACORN’s shady dealings with Obama’s campaign donor list.  Well, Warner Todd Houston (my interview with him is here) brings news of her new website: Now, that donor list is now available for scrutiny. Remember, the big deal during …

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