Day: May 17, 2010

Another entry in the Anti-EPA “I love Government Regulation” Contest

Remember the news that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was running a contest for people to create videos lauding JUST HOW MUCH they loved more and more Government Regulation?  And that Americans For Limited Government was sponsoring the Anti-EPA winning video contest (with one here)? This time, from the Heritage Foundation: (H/T: Big Government)

Mr. Krugman, your Nobel is in economics, not politics…

And you are getting schooled by another professor of economics from George Mason University (emphasis mine): Open Letter to Paul Krugman Dear Prof. Krugman: In your May 14 blog-post “Why Libertarianism Doesn’t Work, Part N” you attempt to tar libertarianism as being an ideology that “requires incorruptible politicians.” You’re deeply confused.  One foundation of libertarianism …

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OK, I’m confused…..

The Supreme Court just said that sex offenders can be indefinitely held: In a 7-2 ruling penned by Justice Stephen Breyer, the Supreme Court says a federal law passed by Congress to keep convicted sex offenders confined beyond the term of their prison sentences is Constitutional. The decision, however, does not foreclose the opportunity for …

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McDonald v City of Chicago

  For those interested in this case a friend from Illinois directed me to a link loaded with details.  I did not have time to spend browsing but it includes briefs, and the history of the case so far.  If you want to learn more this is the place to go.

Right To Ignorance

  The passage of the New and Improved New Hampshire Right To Know Law (as yet unsigned by Governor Lynch) redefines "public body" in a way that makes it more difficult for taxpayer to observe the inner workings of their government. An individual executive or administrative officer of a political subdivision shall not constitute a …

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But I see no where in the bill that says “only so far – then stop!”

I’m concerned. We’ve seen and heard the recent incidents of bullying and cyberbullying in the news and the harm and death that severe, extreme incidents of it have caused – not only by fellow students, but in one egregious event, by an adult posing as a child.  Bullying should not be condoned but I also …

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Notable Quote – Frederic Bastiat

"Society has for its element man, who is a free agent; and since man is free, he may choose — since he may choose, he may be mistaken — since he may be mistaken, he may suffer." –  Frederic Bastiat