Thursday, June 19, 2008

NH Dems raise record amount (Chair Ray Buckley doesn’t do badly either)

by Skip June 19, 2008

I was was not surprised, given the political climate here in NH, to see that the New Hampshire Senate Democrat Caucus raised a record amount of money.  So, a bit more digging was in order.  Looks like the Democrat Chair, Ray Buckley, got a real big slice of that too.  In fact, he got almost […]

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Lawmakers as LAWBREAKERS…

by Doug June 19, 2008

  .. "Curses… Foiled AGAIN!"                                         Perp: Rep James Pilliod (RINO-Belmont) Perp: Rep Fran Wendleboe (Faux-conservative, New Hampton) Now that the New Hampshire Supreme Court has validated the case for the public’s “Right-to-Know” with regards to the appointment of persons to fill vacant elected positions at the county level, nay, at ALL levels of government, there […]

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