Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Flag banning lawsuit update: The plaintiff’s initial complaint

by Doug June 4, 2008

Downtown Wolfeboro June 4, 2008 With all the attention here in the Blogosphere regarding the flag-removal lawsuit filed by a Wolfeboro man against that town, I decided it was worth taking a ride to see if I could learn anything more. As was reported, indeed a Mr. Claude Roessiger has filed a lawsuit in Carroll […]

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I looked up “leadership” in the dictionary. Guess whose picture was NOT there?

by Doug June 4, 2008

As Governor Do Nothing… er, Governor Lynch announces he will indeed file for re-election next week, the news arrives that he has won approval in conference committee to BORROW monies to give communities in order to fund new state education edicts. Yippeee! The state that hasn’t enough money to operate has gone ahead and agreed to […]

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