Tuesday, June 3, 2008

GraniteGrok Q & A: John Stephen

by Doug June 3, 2008

Former NH Health & Human Services Commissioner John Stephen is featured in today’s GraniteGok Congressional Candidate Q & A Series. He is one of the two Republicans seeking the nomination for NH’s 1st Congressional District.  As with the others that have participated, we thank John for taking time to answer these questions and further continue to appreciate his acknowledgment of […]

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Well, Obama is it, eh?

by Skip June 3, 2008

Hope and Change A good marketing campaign, well executed.  However, now it is time for the nitty gritty.  I think we will see that Obama will not long be able to stay behind the skirts of the fawning MSM.  The most Liberal Senator, as shown by the National Journal, will see that many of us […]

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Dope of the Week Award

by Doug June 3, 2008

(not Wolfeboro… just a random pic) It’s been a while, but the coveted GraniteGrok Dope of the Week Award begs to be presented once again… As found in yesterday’s Citizen newspaper: A Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, man is suing the town over a downtown display of American flags. The town has about 100 U.S. flags affixed […]

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